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Kodex Deadbait Rig - Size 4

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Product Description
Kodex Deadbait Rig - Size 4 (760)

These are produced with high quality components and feature semi-barbless X-Strong black trebles. Semi-barbless means that only one of the points is barbed and this should be used for mounting for the bait, whilst the other two points are barbless for fish welfare and ease of unhooking.

The wire is Japanese seven-strand, with matt black size 8 swivels and black copper crimp sleeves. The crimps are then tensioned with a special machine utilising precise air pressure to ensure that they are squeezed to the perfect tightness level. The upper treble can be adjusted to make the distance between the hooks longer or shorter, to accommodate different size baits.

The floating crimp can then be affixed to stop the upper treble moving once you have set the distance you want. The rig also has a red attractor fin on the upper treble, to encourage snap takes. All crimps are silicone covered for safety and rig presentation.

  • Patented adjustability feature
  • Accommodates different sizes of bait
  • Machine crimped
  • Attractor fin

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  • Product Specification
    Hook Size
    50cm (20inch)
    Breaking Strain
    20lb (9kg)
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