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Coarse & Match Rods Middy 4GS Feeder Rods
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Middy 4GS Baggin Feeder Rod - 11ft

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Product Description
4GS rods utilise new Supplex carbon technology. The 3G and 4G predecessors were a huge success and many thought it would be impossible to improve on such excellent rods, but with the use of Supplex carbon Middy have been able to make the tip action of the 4GS range slightly softer without losing any of the immense power in the butt. The slightly softer tip means you can land carp even quicker while knowing you have the strength in the butt to land carp into double-figures. As soon as you pick up a 4GS rod you can tell that the balance and action are both even better than before. With three waggler and five feeder rods in the 4GS range, all with super slim blanks and top-quality fittings, Middy are renowned for their rods and are constantly setting the standard for other rod makers to try and follow. This 4GS Baggin' Feeder is for use on commercials in the summer months when catching big style. It is even stronger and has more brute force than the Micro Muscle Feeder, allowing bigger carp to be subdued with very little effort and it. s ideal for use with method, cage and ShotGun feeders of around 25g, or up to 60g if needed. However, the tip is still soft enough for you to let it do the work - the top actually works like elastic would on a pole set-up, taking all the sudden jerks and making sure your hook holds. Like most rods in the 4GS range, this is a fold-down two-section style design so you can store it ready set-up with your reel attached. Features include a slim cork handle, soft-touch EVA grip, ergonomic lock-down reel seat, hook retainer and S.I.C. feather-lite gunsmoke guides.
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Product Specification
11ft / 3.3m
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