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Korda 2.5oz Flat Pear Inline Leads (FPI25)

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Product Description
Korda 2.5oz Flat Pear Inline Leads (FPI25)

The condensed shape of this lead, coupled with the two flat sides makes it the perfect lead for bolt rigs at short to medium range.

By its very nature the flat pear lead lends itself to being fished on marginal slopes, the sides or back or gravel bars and in rivers. But, in fact it is one of the most effective shapes at short to medium range because it holds so well on the lake bed and offers fantastic impact hooking potential.

There is a popular misconception that flat leads sit on silt. This does not happen, any lead finds the easiest path through the water so instead of fluttering down to the lake bed, a nose-heavy flat lead like this will plummet down side on and nose first, making it less effective in the silt than say a Swivel Pear lead.

  • The perfect bolt rig lead
  • Condensed shape and flat sides make for instant hooking
  • Perfect for use in the margins or on sloping island margins
  • Range includes 1.1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz, 2.5oz, 3oz, 3.5oz, 4oz, 5oz

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    Flat Pear
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