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Carp Ready Tied Rigs Dark Matter Rigs
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Korda Size 2 Barbless Dark Matter Rigs - 30lb

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Product Description
Korda Size 2 Barbless Dark Matter Rigs (KCR100)

The Wide Gape hook pattern is incredible in terms of its hooking potential anyway, but has been enhanced even more by the addition of a short length of shrink tube that helps to make the hook turn even more aggressively when in a carps mouth, and a small piece of silicon tubing on the shank of the hook ensures the hair comes off at the optimum point.

The rig comes supplied with free extender hair stops, meaning that it is compatible with all different sized baits, and allows you to effectively change the length of the hair and separation between your bait and hook simply by using a different type of bait stop.

It is tied on Dark Matter braid which is heavy and sinks incredibly well, meaning that it hugs the contours of the lake bed – although being a braid it can help avoid any chance of a tangle if you add a PVA bag or stringer when you cast out.

All of the hook sizes come in a choice of barbed or barbless, and the other end of the hook link is finished with a size 8 swivel attached loop style, and this means that it will fit all the popular lead arrangements, and can also be used on the Kwik Link or QC Swivel.

  • Ready-tied rigs that feature fast-sinking Dark Matter braid
  • Tied with ultra-reliable Wide Gape hooks
  • Shrink tube kicker ensures great hook holds
  • Perfect all-round rigs for use with bottom baits or wafters

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